SDRNode : Programmable Radio Sensor

SDRNode front view
Compact sensor

The SDRNode is compact and fits in 44x220x220 m.

It embeds a powerful ARM 64 Bits processor and a NVIDIA GPU to offload DSP processing.

rf digitizers

Different radio front-end and digitizers are available to match your application. 

Typical configuration is 2 RF Channels from 70 to 6000 MHz sampled at 50 MSPS.

SDRVM included

Slicing RF streams into sub-bands, checking low-probability signals, export to remote hosts…

Our ready to use GPU API will make this in a few lines of code.

standalone mode

Less that 20 Watts are required to run the SDRNode. 

Features like embedded auto-power ON/OFF and DC power monitor make the SDRNode your ideal tool for long time standalone survey


3 USB 2.0 ports are available to connect external devices: additional sensors, additional hard drivers, …

A specific USB connection is also available for direct connection to the embedded system (SSH).

SDR VM Included

Don’t waste time coding !

The SDRNode sensor comes with our real time SDR software:  SDR Virtual Machine.

Our team supports you in the realization of your specific applications.