SDRNode : A ready to use / programable radio sensor

A compact sensor coming with preinstalled SDRVM, running a CPU+GPU to deliver real time radio analysis


We design real time Digital Signal Processing platforms to take care of your spectrum

SDR Virtual Machine

Use our standard VM or a custom version for your own applications

Radio Hardware

While our software runs with most of the SDR devices of the market, we develop some unique RF products

Learning Platforms / SDK

Check our PC based or embedded solutions for your first steps with the SDR Virtual Machine 

Our technology already powers several real-life products

Custom integration for a Cubesat Ground station, originally designed for UVSQSat from LATMOS

Cubesat Ground station

Portable recording system powered by SDRVM

Mobile recorder

GPS / 2 RF inputs / Ethernet / Extractible SSD Disk

CAN Module with IO for remote rotataor control. Integrated in the SDR Virtual Machine to send or receive CAN frames.

Distributed via SDR4.Space

HF site survey – remotely controlled SDRVM Based system to estimate the HF pollution around a candidate site

RF remote survey

GSM-R channels monitoring for railway app

Grafana dashboard

GSM-R channels monitoring for railway device

Outdoor unit

GSM-R channels monitoring for railway device

Outdoor unit

Drone-based RF loc system using two wide-band antennas

Flying recorder

Basic Sensor – Covering 50 to 1700 MHz

Remote controlled sensor