A new version of our SDRNode radio sensor will be available soon ! SDRNode comes back with a […]
This post is the first part of a small series of articles about using the SDRVM to automate […]
For the first test, we decided to take a tour of Rambouillet with nothing more than an old rooftop mounted CB antenna and the system running laying on the back seat. Did we get any interesting data ?
Another useful feature of the SDR Virtual Machine is the IQ Queue mechanism to allow one task to […]
Receiving multiple subchannels from the same SDR device is simplified by using our GPU DDC Bank able to process several tens of Digital Down Converters simultaneously
Message passing between tasks The SDR Virtual Machine supports multitasking and each script running has its own private […]
The Rockchip RK3308 is a very powerfull, low-cost, 4 cores ARM processor. We have successfully ported the SDRVM in the RockPI-S from RAXDA