spectrum monitoring

Monitor your affected spectrum  to make sure it is clean

jammer detection

Detect and localize unexpected transmissions

critical comms

Test that your infrastructure is working as expected

Machine to Machine data transfers, restricted areas, GNSS-based positioning or time synchronization, walkie-talkies for remote operation, broadcasting, data links… radio transmissions are everywhere and many processes need them to work flawless.

Machine to Machine communication

Your Machine-to-Machine devices need a clean spectrum to be able to upload their data or receive their instructions to make your processes run smoothly. 

For railway, we have designed a GSM-R monitoring solution that checks continuously what is being transmitted in the different channels and looks for potential sources of interferences from other radio services.

Critical communications

Major events (Olympic Games, events, various sporting events, concerts, etc.) require the deployment of exceptional and specific means of radio communication to ensure links between the emergency services, security agents and police forces. At the same time, many media can be present to cover these events and also deploy radiocommunication tools (connection to the TV and cameraman, reporters in the field, …)

We have developped tools to check that only what is expected is effectively transmitting. When unexpected signals are detected by multiple sensors, our solution helps to estimate where the interferences are coming from.

Normal access to radio services

Your business requires you to receive data or signals from remote areas but the pectrum can be polluted by local sources. Sensors based on our technology can help to detect and localize unexpected transmitters.

reconfigurable radio sensors

Our ready-to-use technology is designed to build networked radio sensors

Focus on your use case and let us do the dirty job !

We have designed our products to handle data collection, data analysis and data consolidation. You know what is critical for your business, contact us to see what are the possible solutions to keep your spectrum clean and safe.