The Cloud-S3 : Time-Domain 6.4 GSPS Signal Processing platform

A ready-to-use board & processing unit


4 SMA RF inputs

Network and display connectivity


Network and Display

Jetson AGX Xavier powered


NVIDIA Volta architecture with 512 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores

6.4 gigasamples per second

The S3 Board is running a EV12AQ600 12 bits ADC from Teledyne, offering 4 channels at 1.6 GSps, 2 channels 3.2 GSps or one single-channel at 6.4 GSps.

1 Megasample snapshotS

Onboard memory can keep up to 1 048 576 samples. Through the USB3 connection, up to 100 snapshots per second can be transferred to the host and analyzed.

SDRVM ready

Slicing the 3200 MHz wide spectrum in sub-bands, checking low-probability signals, export to remote hosts… Our ready to use GPU API will make this in a few lines of code.

realtime iq stream

Multiple narrow-band boards can be connected to the SDR VM and capture continuous streams on frequencies selected after the wide-band spectrum survey.

6.4 GSPS – 3.2 GHz wide spectrum

At the maximum speed, the ADC (EV12AQ600 from Teledyne E2V) runs at 6.4 Giga samples per second. The RF inputs are designed to work from 100 MHz to 6 GHz.

Our GPU based driver handles the Hilbert transform to transform this to a complex vector for further processing.

1M Samples snapshot

This is not a spectrum analyzer ! The board takes 1 M contiguous samples and then sends the collected data to the GPU for processing.  

Different modes are available : regular snapshots, externally trigged snapshots or pseudo-random. Specific modes can be implemented on request.

Digital Down Converters can be used in the SDR Virtual Machine to extract sub-bands.

SDR VM Ready

The acquisition system if fully controlled from our  SDR Virtual Machine.

Beside just taking snapshots, you can also slice the 3200 MHz wide spectrum in chunks with the DDC Bank, detect low-probability signals, detect spectrum changes, average, export…

Add the web server in your code and you have a fully remotely controlled Spectrum Analyzer in a web page. 

A C++ API is also available on request. 


While we are designing our product line of narrow band receivers, you can already use SoapySDR or UHD compatible devices.

Digital Down Converters and other DSP blocks can then be driven to track/capture/analyze stimulus detected in the 3200 MHz wide spectrum.

We will be happy to extend our Virtual Machine and support your own hardware.

The Cloud-S3 board has been designed in partnership with Teledyne E2V France and ID3 Technologies.